My Acne Battle

I didn’t panic when I saw pimples on my face at the age of 15. I’d heard so much about it already, I assumed that I could deal with it for a few months and eventually it would go away. If those OTC products didn’t work, the doctor could give me some sort of magical medication to do the job. Now I am 26 years old and still feeling the raft of pimples and acne. I’ve did it all, tried it all and got on my hands and knees and prayed. Still I battle.

I was okay with it at first. Like I said I thought that it would all go away in a little while. But as time progressed and I realized it wasn’t going away my self-esteem really took a kick. People always made remarks about my pimples saying hello, waking at them and various other “jokes” that I always blew off. Now after such a long battle those jokes weren’t so funny.

The time that I spent enjoying life decreased day by day. No longer did I find it enjoyable to go to the beach or hang with my frienothing nds. Those days listening to music on the iPod and hiding in my room were fun times. I was tired of the hurtful remarks, tired of being around friends and tired of being the one to be enduring this.

After spending a countless amount of time buying OTC products, waiting and seeing nothing, I decided to see the dermatologist. I felt better sitting in his exam room, though we are still trying to find something that will provide the results that I want. My acne isn’t severe, but it just will not go away. Although I am still bothered by acne it is far better after the medication that I was offered. And, I learned something I never thought possible. Acne can cause depression. One of the best solutions that the dermatologist recommended is the exposed skin care. I’ve read a lot of proactive reviews but nothing beats exposed skin care.

After discussing my case to the dermatologist, he suggested I visit another doctor. He said that I might be depressed, and he was right. The doctor explained that, because of the social impact acne can make on an individual’s life, depression is very common, yet overlooked like I had done for so long. He assured me that I would be okay and that in time I would be fine again. I also obtained a prescription medication to help.

The medication provides amazing results in only about a week. I started laughing right along with the jokes again, as I know that we all go through it at one time or another. I feel better thanks to this and learned something so important. Acne can lead to depression, and if you think that you may be suffering it is important to see a doctor. I am still praying a treatment is found for me, but I am glad that I was able to help my psychological well-being.